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Finally—Free Credit Freezes! 

Free credit freezes are now available to everyone in the United States. Freezing your credit is a great step toward preventing identity theft. Read This!

 What Is the Future of Digital Banking?

VLOG: We asked River Valley Bank president and CEO Todd Nagel about his view of the future of digital banking.   View the Video!

"The Bank of the Future"

The speed of change will touch all aspects of our business—especially the customer experience.

Living in the Internet era, change is happening so quickly that we often don’t realize what change is taking place, or that our expectations are even changing.  Read This!


Financing A New Business?

Tips on how to prepare a finance request for the best outcome. 
If you’re starting, growing or restructuring your business, you may need financing. Preparation is a key to success.  Read This!

Credit Card Offers Saturate the Market.

How Do I Choose the Right One for Me?

When thinking about getting a personal credit card there really is only one important question to ask yourself:  What are my financial needs?  Read This!


Payment Fraud

Pay with Peace of Mind.

For most municipalities, electronic payment systems result in great efficiencies. Unfortunately, these efficiencies set the table for a payment fraud smorgasbord... Read This!

Nic Bisgrove photo for blog article on providing an incredible customer experience.

The Importance of an Incredible Customer Experience

It Can Be Challenging.

A kind gesture, a follow up phone call, holding the door open for a customer… River Valley Bank takes the customer experience very seriously, promoting a positive and memorable encounter with every interaction.  Read This!

Headshot Image: Dawn Follendorf

Community Banker...or Developer—What's In A Name?

Bankers grow our communities by helping businesses create jobs. Without start-up capital or funding for day-to-day operations, very few businesses would ever get off the ground—not to mention hire employees.  Read This!


Mobile Wallet—Why Should I Make the Switch?

A mobile wallet transaction is a more secure payment method than an actual card transaction! Here’s why using mobile wallet is a fast and safe way to make a payment.  Read This!

Ensuring a Good RFP Outcome

It's Worth the Effort!

The decision to embark on a Request for Proposal (RFP) for banking or other services for your municipality can be a time-consuming endeavor.  Read This!


Identity Theft—Be Prepared!

Identity theft happens to more than 17 million people every year. It is increasingly important that consumers know how to protect themselves against identity theft.  Read This!


Business Credit Card—Should I Have One?

How does your business make payments and pay for its purchases? A business credit card is a great tool for a business to have in its back pocket…or, better yet, wallet. Read This!

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