The No. 32 IncredibleBank Ford Mustang Takes Flight At Bristol Motor Speedway

We're here to help you start something incredible. And finish it.

Meet the IncredibleBank car, debuting in Bristol, Tennessee. Dedicated to our customers throughout America who raise families, start businesses, and spend their lives being everyday heroes. And who, by the way, expect to be treated the way they deserve, incredibly.

Meet our driver, Corey LaJoie

Corey LaJoie is a third generation racer and a very well-known name in the racing world. His grandfather, Don LaJoie, is a member of the New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame alongside his father, Randy LaJoie, who won the Xfinity Series Championships in 1996 and 1997. Corey already has an impressive racing career that includes six wins in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and three wins in the ARCA Series. He completed his rookie campaign in the Cup Series in 2017, earning a career best finish of 11th at Daytona. In 2018, he moved to TriStar Motorsports to drive the No. 72 car part-time, earning a season best of 16th place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 2019 is Corey’s first full season in the NASCAR Cup Series, behind the wheel of the No. 32 Ford Mustang for GoFas Racing. via

Meet our other driver, Todd Nagel, IncredibleBank President & CEO

“Our NASCAR strategy at Bristol Motor Speedway and beyond is an integral part of our new IncredibleBank brand strategy and launch. We’re here to do everything we can to get you to your incredible, wherever and whatever that might be. There are enough challenges in life to begin with and your bank shouldn’t be one of them; in fact, they should be your biggest champion. At IncredibleBank, our customers are our heroes, and just like NASCAR, we use our entire crew to get you to where you need to be. That’s our Victory Lane.”

Want to know how we get you to your incredible? Here's one example.

It's all in the shmooza for our customer Skooza.

Longtime IncredibleBank customer, Kafka Granite, one of the largest manufacturers of specialty aggregates and crushed stone in the U.S., who, by the way, is able to boast famous installations like Yankee Stadium, Times Square, Walt Disney World, Target Field, and the corporate headquarters for Walgreens and 3M, is now an investor in Skooza, the first and only self-balancing, aerospace aluminum, 100% electric fat tire scooter in the world. So how do we help Skooza get to their incredible? We bring them to Bristol with us. We purchase a Skooza, the orange model, of course, to promote and giveaway at the track, and we make certain their logo is on the IncredibleBank No.32 Ford Mustang.
Kafka Granite and Skooza, you’re incredible. Sincerely, your IncredibleBank.

IncredibleBank Named Most Innovative Bank in America. Now that's a lot of horsepower.

Your heard it here first. Your IncredibleBank was named the Most Innovative Bank in America by Independent Banker. That’s no small feat considering there are 4,909 banks in the country. Hey, someone needs to rise to the top, so why not us? And because we’re joined at the hip with our customers, that makes all of us innovative. Here’s what they had to say about your IncredibleBank.


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The Fast Lane: A Blogette by Todd Nagel

Sunday, August 18, 2019
Bristol Motor Speedway is quiet, the race is over and the fans are either home, or on their way home. The No. 32 IncredibleBank Ford Mustang, driven by Corey LaJoie, will be hauled to its next stop at Darlington Raceway. It was a solid performance by Corey, a first year Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series qualifier, crossing the finish line in 24th place.
Our car was seen by millions of people, and that’s good. In the advertising world, that’s called impressions and the more of them the better. But I don’t exist in the advertising world, and the only impressions I believe in are the impressions we leave on our customers, and on their lives and livelihoods. That’s why we’re different, because we want to make a difference. So, whatever incredible means to you is meaningful to us. Drop me a line and tell me what’s your incredible?
Friday, August 16, 2019
Today was the day we saw the IncredibleBank No. 32 Ford Mustang front and center on the track at Bristol Motor Speedway. What I find remarkable about this track is the severity of the banked turns, which clock in at 24 degrees. They’re steep and they take a lot of experience to navigate.
The 24 degrees reminds me of one of the many goals we have for IncredibleBank. And that, quite simply, is to be a 24-hour bank that services customers throughout the U.S. “Banker’s Hours” is a notion of the past, but I think it still plagues us, and that’s because there’s still some truth to it. We need to be on your clock, not ours. We need to be on your track and in your groove, not ours. Challenges and solutions, in business and in our personal affairs, have no sense of time other than real-time. And as your IncredibleBank, we’ll get there because we understand that you deserve a banking experience that’s incredible, just like you.
Thursday, August 15, 2019
It was our first day at Bristol Motor Speedway and the Go Fas Racing team was preparing the IncredibleBank No. 32 Ford Mustang for its national debut Saturday night.  As I looked around, I was struck by the innovation that surrounds NASCAR; how it’s even possible to transform a sleepy town like Bristol, TN, with a population of 26,000, into a bustling city of 200,000 in the matter of a day. It takes an amazing amount of logistics, and those logistics take innovation.
As I reflect on our recent recognition of being named America’s Most Innovative Bank by Independent Banker, it occurred to me that it’s not that necessity is the mother of invention, but it’s invention, innovation and ingenuity serving as the mother of necessity. And by that I mean that if you don’t innovate as a bank, a manufacturer, a retailer, or a professional services company, you’re not going to stand out and be noticed. And when you’re not noticed, you’re no longer a necessity. At IncredibleBank, we’ll always want to be “your necessity” because, as we’re fond of saying, we’re here to help you start something incredible…and finish it. 
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Welcome to The Fast Lane, my fast and very short blog about our experiences at Bristol Motor Speedway. I’ll be writing to you daily as we follow the IncredibleBank No. 32 Ford Mustang over the next 5 days. So, why are we here and why are we doing this? For starters, and finishers for that matter, we’re different from other banks. We care about what makes life incredible for our customers. Travel, an acquisition, a good meal, a college savings account, NASCAR, a business expansion, and the beat goes on.
Let’s face it, we have a name that keeps us honest. If we’re not incredible everyday and every time, we’re not going to be incredible. Certainly, we’ve set the bar higher than all other banks, but do you want to know why? Because you’ve asked us to. And that takes an entire team to pull that off. A team that eliminates the traditional banking barriers and gets you to the finish line. In a way it’s like NASCAR; you need a team that removes the obstacles, understands that little things mean a lot, and is focused on getting you to an incredible place. And quite frankly, who would know more about “banking” than your IncredibleBank.
Todd Nagel is the President & CEO of IncredibleBank