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SBA Loans

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With experienced focus on business banking, our staff of thoughtful business bankers are valuable partners for small and large businesses. We offer varied types of SBA loans to business owners throughout the United States!
Does your business need money? From unsecured business acquisitions to fully secured real estate to business expansion and working capital loans, River Valley Bank has a team of experts that will fit your needs and goals with the right business lending program.
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Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

River Valley Bank has expanded its business banking solutions to offer SBA 7a and USDA loans to small business owners throughout the United States. With a retail branch network in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, River Valley’s expansion into SBA lending allows the company to better serve its existing communities as well as develop a national footprint to offer loan products that help small business owners who may not qualify for conventional loans.

Loan Types to Fit Your Business Needs:
SBA 7a Loan. The most common type of SBA loan and right for most businesses looking to finance their working capital needs. SBA loans are popular because of their long repayment terms and low interest rates, which make 7a loans one of the most affordable working capital solutions.

SBA Express Loans (up to $350,000). This SBA loan program offers term loans and line of credit options. Proceeds may be used for financing business acquisition, equipment, debt refinance, working capital, inventory and tenant improvements.

SBA 504 Loan. The US Small Business Administration 504 Loan or Certified Development Company program is designed to provide financing for the purchase of fixed assets, which usually means real estate, buildings and machinery, at below market rates.

504-7a Loan Comparison. If purchasing a business or getting working capital is the goal, the SBA 7A loan is likely the better tool. More explicitly, with a SBA 504 loan, proceeds can be used to buy a building, finance ground-up construction or building improvements, or purchase heavy machinery and equipment.

An SBA vs. a Conventional Loan

  • Less of a down payment required—as low as 10 to 15 percent with an SBA loan versus 20 to 25 percent with conventional loans.
  • Amortizations of up to 25 years for real estate and 10 for good will, working capital and equipment where they can be much less on the conventional side.
  • SBA loans are fully amortized, which means the borrower doesn’t have to worry about renewals or balloon payments.
  • Collateral shortfalls are not a barrier with an SBA loan—they are often the reason a bank will require an SBA guaranty.
  • With an SBA guaranty, a bank will be more willing to finance businesses with higher risks like startups, acquisitions, expansions and special purposes.


Government Guaranteed Loans

Whether you’re starting a business, expanding your facilities, purchasing new equipment or need working capital to jumpstart profitable growth, we can provide customized financial solutions to meet your goals and objectives.

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Why River Valley Bank?

We have a tenured team of thoughtful business lenders and can work quickly to get loans for almost any business purpose including:
  • Start-up capital
  • Working capital
  • Construction or expansion
  • Owner-occupied commercial real estate
  • Multi-use or special use property
  • Business acquisition and buyouts
  • Equipment
  • Furniture, fixtures and leasehold improvements
  • Refinancing of debt

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River Valley Bank has been designated a U.S. Small Business Administration Preferred Lender. We have the authority to process, close, service and liquidate most SBA-guaranteed loans without prior review. For our borrowers, this means faster service with your local, community-focused bank.