Donation/Sponsorship Requests

River Valley Bank (RVB) is committed to meeting the financial needs of our communities. Part of this commitment includes volunteerism on the part of bank staff as well as financial support for charitable and other organizations responding to basic human needs, affordable housing, economic opportunity, education, healthy living, or culture and arts. The bank’s contributions reflect the giving philosophy of the Nicklaus family.

The objective of this policy is to provide guidelines for organizations seeking support from RVB. The bank will review all electronic requests and determine contributions based on the merits of each organization and the bank’s available funds. Emphasis will be on contributing to organizations that most benefit the bank’s community areas. Of particular interest is an organization’s service to low-moderate income families.

Giving Priorities

  • Provide for unmet Health and Human Services needs
  • Are based in a River Valley Bank geographic market
  • Address the needs of low- and moderate-income people or areas.

Generally Unacceptable Contributions

  • Fraternal Organizations or Employment Unions
  • Political organizations, political candidates, or other political purposes
  • To national or worldwide organizations unless proceeds are used for local benefit
  • Religious organizations
  • For the sole benefit of an individual recipient
  • To a government entity (eg. schools, fire departments, park departments) for operations resulting from budget shortfalls.

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