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Customer Spotlight: Gerald "Jerry" Fiebke
Most people rack up visits at their favorite coffee shop or grocery store, this customer was given his own repeat visitor card at his favorite bank.
How many times have you visited your bank in person in the last six months? How about the last week? Meet Jerry Fiebke. He’s not your typical River Valley Bank customer—he’s more of a super-customer.
Because of how often Jerry stops in to do business, and we mean often, he earned his very own “Frequent Visitor Punch Card”. To put the number of Jerry’s visits into perspective…Jerry has deposited nearly 100,000 checks since the first time he walked into the River Valley Merrill branch.
And to further put his number of visits into perspective…Jerry was the very first customer of the River Valley Bank Merrill branch when it opened in 1988…that’s 30 years ago! #loyalty
Our Merrill, WI Super-Customer’s Story: Jerry is the secretary/treasurer of B&D Motors Inc, a small engine shop that expanded into a long-distance trucking company. Ironically, back in 1967, B&D Motors worked with Nicklaus Enterprises, a bean growing and harvesting business run by River Valley Bank’s founders, the Nicklaus family. B&D was the trucking company that hauled beans from Pearsal, TX to Tomahawk, WI.
Our super-customer has a lot of history with River Valley Bank. And his super loyalty has spread throughout the B&D employee group. The trucking company’s 10 owner/operators also bank at River Valley. And the reason why is always the same: “It’s the people,” states Jerry. “…And the popcorn,” he adds with a soft smile.
The Story of the Punch Card
“It was time for Jerry to be recognized for his repeat visits,” explains Ashlee Liedtke, senior financial specialist. “One day he had stopped in five different times to make a deposit and chat with the staff and I thought, this customer needs his own frequent visitor punch card.”
The card was created, the punches gathered, and the reward, according to Jerry: “I just love seeing everyone at the bank. I really enjoy dealing with the people here.” (Insider Secret: they love seeing him, too! Ask him about the weather forecast.)
So why does Jerry frequent the bank so many times daily? As the treasurer for B&D Trucking, he brings in the Owner/Operator deposits since they often don’t have time to come in themselves. His business, and home, are located within a few blocks of the bank, so making repeat visits is no trouble at all.
When Jerry opened the business account for B&D Trucking in 1988, he was so satisfied with the service, he also brought all of his personal accounts to River Valley. When asked what word comes to mind when he thinks of River Valley Bank, his eyes light up and he states: “Wonderful!” Also quickly adding: “Trucking is a tough business. River Valley offers wonderful service to everybody.”
What’s his favorite product at River Valley? “The people!” Another term he used: the “personnel”. Clever guy…no matter how differently you ask him that question, his answer does not waver.
Jerry isn’t just a frequent visitor. He’s an incredible ‘supercustomer’! Thanks for your loyalty, support and daily laughs Jerry!

"Jerry isn’t just a frequent visitor. He’s an incredible ‘supercustomer’! Thanks for your loyalty, support and daily laughs Jerry!"