Meet Baby Remi


Stories of Goodwill About Good People.
Customer Spotlight: Erik and Sarah Carlson
You could almost characterize this story as a series of unfortunate events, but the ending is so good the prior mishaps make it that much sweeter.

Erik and Sarah Carlson both graduated from Northern Michigan University in Marquette and moved to Colorado to spread their wings. In 2015, they circled back to Marquette to 
grow their careers in an area they loved. Erik owns Quick Stop Bike Shop across from the third street River Valley Bank Marquette location, and Sarah works at Northern Michigan University.

It was the story of a typical young couple enjoying life in a lovely one-bedroom home that perfectly suited their lifestyles. And then, the surprise….
Sarah was pregnant [congrats Sarah!]. Now that wonderful one-bedroom home needed a few more bedrooms. Excited to dive right into shopping for a new home, the couple soon found the housing market a challenge. Inventory was limited…very limited. So limited, they looked for seven months and secured nothing. A house hits the market, multiple offers are made, and someone else gets the win. After seven months of frustration, Sarah was done. Her due date was only two months away. They needed a different game plan.
While Sarah was done, Erik kept the faith and kept looking. He soon found what he describes as the “unicorn of houses!” Plenty of space to grow into, right price, right location…and only minutes on the market when he made the offer. And the offer was accepted. Celebrate!
Hold on. It was November 20th—the first week of deer hunting season—in northern Michigan. Businesses are ghost towns. The realtor, the home inspector, all gone. But the home lender…he was there, at River Valley Bank, greeting them with a smile at the door. Mike Mattila, the VP/regional manager of home lending, isn’t a deer hunter. His happy smile and his amazing work ethic would be the keys to beating the clock on Sarah’s due date, less than two months away.
The Home Stretch
Accommodating the out-of-state sellers, the closing date was scheduled around their timeline—on December 21st. Sarah’s due date was December 27th. Ample breathing room, they thought.
But “G-A-S-P”, baby Remi had her 
 own timeline! Remi was born on December 20th, one day shy of the scheduled closing date and one week earlier than planned. What now?!
Leave it to the finesse, grace and sincere work ethic of your River Valley home lender…
Mike Mattila did the footwork so baby Remi and her parents could focus on the joy of their new beginnings, and the seller could arrive as planned from out of state. On December 21st, Mike went to the title company and got the sellers’ finalized paperwork. Next stop, the buyers. Mike packed up the paperwork and went to the birthing unit at the UP Health System. Yes, he went to the hospital birthing room! Ironically, there was a visitor quarantine due to a flu epidemic, but Mike was finally able to enter. Whew!
Mike and Erik sat at the kids’ table in the lobby of the birthing unit and reviewed the closing papers, Erik signing his portion of the paperwork using a food tray as a desk. The next step—Sarah’s signature…which means the next stop was Sarah’s hospital room. Signature provided, a quick smile at baby Remi, and back on the road for Mike, paperwork and final payment in hand. Mike “delivered the precious package” to the title company and the home sale was final.
A series of misfortunate events? More like a series of #IncredibleMoments. And a sweet, sweet reward at the end. Congratulations on your new baby, and your new home, Erik and Sarah!

Congratulations on your new baby, and your new home, Erik and Sarah!