Online Security Measure: Multifactor Authentication

For your added security...

Protecting your identity… money… accounts...and online transactions is a top priority for River Valley Bank

Now a new state-of-the art solution will automatically help ensure that only those authorized on your accounts are making online transactions. And it is free.

How Multifactor Authentication works:

  • Automatically monitors your online history to detect unusual behavior.
  • If uncharacteristic behavior is detected you will be asked security questions only you can answer.

River Valley Bank will implement Multifactor Authentication in mid-February 2007. At some point you will be prompted to do two things:

  • Select a photo (or watermark) that will appear on your computer screen whenever you are logged on to River Valley Bank’s Online Banking. This tells you that you are on our website and not a false (scam) website.
  • Select and answer questions that will be used to determine your identity should unusual behavior ever be detected.

When activated for your account, you will be prompted what to do. It will be easy and by following the prompts the protection will be in place for you.

River Valley Bank Customer Assistance Center – toll free: 1.888.842.0221