Professional Environment Standards

Professional Environment Standards

River Valley Bank is excited at the prospect of YOU joining our team. We are an extremely progressive Banking entity with a solid benefits program that embraces our team members, and actively solicits your development and career enhancements.

The banking industry, by design, is highly service-oriented. The personal image of River Valley Bank employees is a direct reflection of how the public and our customers view our company.

There are certain standards of dress that should be adhered to consistently. We require bank employees to exhibit a professional, clean, and neat appearance at all times.

Female Employee's Appropriate Business Dress

  • Business suits and pant suits; dress pants with dress blouses, sweater or jacket/blazer
  • Skirts with dress blouse, sweater or jacket
  • Close-toed shoes with socks or hosiery/tights

Female Employee's Inappropriate Business Dress

  • Denim - including blue jeans, skirts, shirts, or dresses
  • Hip-huggers, capri pants, skorts, shorts or leggings
  • Blouses/sweaters with plunging neck or back lines
  • Skirts or dresses should be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee
  • Slits in skirts or dresses should not exceed 4 inches above the knee
  • Backless, cut-off, midriff baring shirts or tank tops, sleeveless blouses
  • Tight fitting sheer spandex or body clinging fabrics

Male Employee's Appropriate Business Dress

  • Business suits and/or dress slacks
  • Dress shirts worn with neck ties
  • Hosiery/socks with pants
  • Beards and mustaches should be trimmed and well groomed

Male Employee's Inappropriate Business Dress

  • Casual or sport attire

General Business Dress Requirements

  • Fingernails should be clipped, neatly manicured and clean.
  • Jewelry should be conservatively and tastefully displayed. No more than 2 earrings or ear jewelry per ear.

Male employees are requested not to wear earrings during business hours. The display of body piercing is inappropriate.

  • Perfume or cologne should be used in moderation.
  • Undergarments should always be worn.
  • Attire should be neat and clean.
  • Tattoos that are visible should be appropriately covered during office hours.
  • Personal grooming and hygiene practices must be maintained.

Employees are required to be appropriately dressed for customer contact, and appearances should always reflect the highest standard of professionalism. When your attire or appearance does not meet with your supervisor/leader's approval, you may be advised accordingly and/or asked to go home to change. Employees who continually report to work dressed inappropriately may be subject to disciplinary action.