Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials


"I have worked at businesses of all sizes and River Valley Bank continues to maintain the friendly, personable atmosphere as the company grows. There is positive interaction with supervisors, as well as top management and ownership."

In April of 2007 all River Valley Bank employees were invited to complete an Organizational Assessment - a resource for gathering employee feedback in an open, constructive and anonymous way. Employees were asked for their opinions on a number of fundamental topics, such as work environment, pay, benefits, and policies.

This is the fourth time River Valley Bank has conducted such an assessment, and the first time that it has included both Wisconsin and Michigan employees. Assessments were conducted prior to the acquisition of the Michigan offices in both 2000 and 2003. Following the acquisition in 2005 an assessment was conducted solely with Michigan-based employees.

This survey had an 88 percent response rate. Feedback indicated employees felt comfortable that the assessments would remain confidential once completed.

Sue Matis, Director Organizational Development, sees the increased participation as a very positive trend. "The high response rate suggests that River Valley Bank's employees feel confident the company will listen to their opinions and that something tangible will come out of them," states Matis. "That something 'tangible' is either increased communications to inform or actions initiated to work towards improvement. The important point is employees feel that there will be an impact as a direct result of this survey."

Another encouraging finding gathered from the assessment is that even with all the changes River Valley Bank has been through since the acquisition of the Michigan offices, we've still been able to maintain higher satisfaction levels than when the initial survey was conducted in 2000. Rated extremely positive were areas such as:

  • Benefits - 93 percent
  • Working conditions - 95 percent
  • Identification with the organization - 95 percent

Debbie Cyrtmus, Director of Human Resources, notes, "It's significant to point out that in this assessment there were no areas where River Valley Bank was rated lower in comparison to other employers." Cyrtmus goes on to say, "We are committed to continuing the employee assessments regularly, and 2007's assessment is an important benchmark as it reflects the overall feeling amongst all employees, Wisconsin and Michigan."